Claim your Creation

IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

Whatever you have been going through recently,
Know that you are Growing through this.
Whatever disrupted your peace, whatever changes have occured, whatever pain has surfaced
Know that these are Divinely designed shifts that are created to change your life as you know it and release all that is limiting your True self to shine.
Understand you can no longer be complacent.
You have a magnificent Divine spark within you and you have a Divine part to play in Creation.Expressing your full light is what will bring you and others full joy.
Its time to release all that limits this expression.
During these changes, old deep wounds that you have been holding onto, surface and in order to shift into who you truly are, you go through experiencing this pain in order to more fully release it.
Every time you feel youre hitting rock bottom
Every time you face the intensity of your pain head on
You have the incredible opportunity to breakthrough the veil of illusion
Into more light
Peeling back yet another layer of smoke
Hiding the magnitude of Divine presence in your existence.
The more you peel
The more you are present
The more light shines through
The closer you are to the omnipresence shining through you.
Devote yourself to cleaning, clearing, purifying your vessel,your home,your life and your being
From anything that attempts to hide the light
And you will find yourself in God
You will find yourself Aligning with your Higher self
You will find yourself holding your power
Claiming your Creation
And your Sacred Purpose.
What can you do today
To recover your Divine connection
And ignite your spark?
How can you clean your life?
What can you release today that brings in negative energy and clouds your purity and your brightest vision?
How can you start to commit
To your Divine connection
To start unveiling the truth of your existence
And the part you play in Creation?
Its time to stop hiding
Its time to start clearing all the fog
Thats keeping you from your brilliance and from having a more exciting, abundant and meaningful experience of life.
Its time to Claim your Creation
For what it is truly meant to Be.❤
Thank every experience you went through for all has taught you something
All has brought you closer to God.
Much love
Mia 🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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