The Space in between



I am sitting in the heart of the heart of life itself where immense emotions of old and new..of pain and joy meet..riding my fleet!♥M.Leventhal
You may be feeling anxious and stressed
You are experiencing the ‘space in between’
Events have occurred that have been challenging and have brought up a lot of difficult emotions,
Yet have also triggered so much growth.
You have been able to look within and see things you wish to heal in yourself in order to move forward in your life, carrying more of your truth, manifesting who you truly are.
In this current space, you feel you lack clarity towards making certain decisions or towards the outcome of certain situations.
You have been making efforts and wish to know more about what lies ahead.
This space in between in which what lies ahead is unclear
Is precious and is here for a sacred purpose.
Use it wisely
It is here where “time” stops and so does your sense of control
It is here where you discover more about yourself than ever
It is here that you can look more closely at yourself and your life and what you would truly wish to change and in what way you would like to grow
Look deep within
Be honest with yourself
Take the time
That you dont normally do
Allow the shedding of the old and outdated version of yourself to slip away and reveal your true self for you to shine brighter than ever before.
Check where you are dependant on old thought systems that have been hiding your own uniqueness and freedom of expression.
Ask your angels for signs of guidance.
This is a period of healing, of growth and of finding your truth,
In which you are to step forward onto the continuation of your path.
Your “waiting” time will soon be over.
Make sure to use healthy discernment in your choices of people and situations you accept into your life.
You are now given an extraordinary chance of remodifying your path.
Choosing your higher path requires paying close attention to your energy and actions, vibrating on higher frequencies of light and the energy and intentions of others you surround yourself with, for they will be influencing the quality of your path.
Pay attention to anything and everything you put your attention to, as everything carries energy.Make sure you adhere to absorbing light so that you do not waste your precious energy on anything that will deter you from your higher path.
The time has come to focus, to clear your energy field, to let go of what brings you down and deters you from your path so that you can Devote yourself to a path of growth and surround yourself with those that are devoted with you.
Much love 🌸
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