Meet your Peace


These days you may be once again challenged,triggered
See this as a chance to rise higher
A chance to dig deeper and find the peace within that does not need anymore to be triggered to heal,
That does not depend anymore on anyone to be at peace
There is such a place deep within.
Do not be frustrated with those who cannot join you in the light
Allow and accept all that is
There is always a higher purpose for all that is on our path
Forgive and release resentment
So as not to carry this burden with you to the continuation of your journey and block the manifestation of your wishes.
You have done amazing work and you are rising towards the light.
Release anything and anyone that does not meet you in your light.
Do not let anything or anyone pull you backwards towards the darkness
Some take longer than you on their journey to find their way to the light.
Do not let them drag you down.
If people are meant to be in your life, they will find their way to meet you in the light.
You need to take care of your own vibration.
Tap into your higher self
There is a place of peace
Beyond your suffering
Move through your pain into your higher state of being
All that is not love is an illusion.
In another higher dimension all is love for us all
You can tap into that now
The veil is thinning
In your true state of being you are Peace, you are Love, you are Light.
There are many ways you can tune into your higher state of being
Breathe deep long breathes
Release any tension
Connect with nature
Do anything soothing for yourself
That raises your vibration
Salt bath
Essential oils
Herbal teas
Purify your space with sage or pure essence
Connect wth your angels that are always by your side to help you. Ask them to help you find peace.
Ask them to intervene for your highest good.Ask them to release all that does not align with your higher good.
Breathe into places that have withheld tension in your body, breathe out and release.
Ask your angels to heal these places.
Listen to high frequency (Hz) music specifically designed to heal and raise your vibration.
There are many available on youtube
This is one example

This is a sacred moment in which you can turn to the flip side of any suffering and find your peace
If pain comes up
Allow it to
Breathe deeply into it and release
Allow and release
And keep rising towards your light
Continue to devote yourself to your well being and nurture anything that brings you joy
You have been creating something with your light recently
Turn to that and continue to create
See the reflection of who you truly are
Allow it to continue to bring you joy
Let all else fade away
Rise into your greatness
Rise into your light
And shine on us
We await you
As you move into more of your light
Your soul family moves to meet and embrace you
See yourself strengthen
See yourself anchor yourself into your light
Nothing can shake you
You are Golden
And you have a beautiful mission of creating more light for us all
Adhere to that
And let all else fall away
Thank you for being here
Thank you for your strength, your courage, your determination.
You are piercing through the denseness that has been created here on earth
You are bringing in more light for us all
You are a blessing for us all
Wrap yourself in a bubble of white light
And heal
Transmute any darkness within and any darkness that comes to play with you
Into light.
Peace be with you
Peace be in you
For you Are the Light.
Much love 🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance Consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
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**Disclaimer:Messages are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace professional medical care
***I will be travelling tomorrow until mid June
Not sure if I will be able to post.
Stay blessed ❤

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