Your own light


We are going through some serious energy shifts
You may be feeling stretched out thin dealing with challenge after challenge
Understand that these shifts are important and are designed to bring us all back to our innate state of love
If it has been difficult
Just see how far out of love we have come.
If you are reading this, chances are you are a lightworker, you may not have realised before.
You are here to help hold the light for humanity and bring back more love.
Your journey is not an easy one,
But your soul has signed up for this, and you are doing crucial sacred work.
It is essential at this time to understand your role in all that goes on.
If you feel your light is not accepted, time and time again,do not despair.
Know that you are planting seeds, and no effort of yours is Ever in vain, even if you do not see the effects clearly at this time.
We are all healing in our own pace and some may take longer than others.
Anchor yourself in the light as you focus on self healing.
Sometimes it is possible that you are also absorbing unprocessed emotions of others
This can also explain the intensity you may be feeling.
Your role is to stand by your truth and shine your light.
Your most important lesson at this time is to fully accept what is and what isnt.
No expectations
No judgement
Accept where others are at at this time
This is where you hold the peace for all involved.
In your acceptance you allow others their own process without unnecessary triggering and conflict.
In your acceptance
You grant yourself the gift of peace
Releasing others to make their own choices and allowing yourself the liberty to stay within your light without anything burdening your flow.
Continue to shine your light
Continue to live your truth
Accept all that is
And continue to flow towards more and more light
Understanding the importance of your role is enriching in itself
Fruit of your dedication and labour of love will be seen as you find the peace and gratitude in who you are and what you are here to serve.This is where your personal journey will come full circle to a place of peace within the light
This is where you will begin to see your own light
Much love


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