More deep clearing


We are still clearing
It may feel intense
That is because we are clearing on a deeper level
Hang in there
This is part of the process
We need to get to the bottom of this
Its that important
To be able to free yourself once and for all
From all these lower attachments
If youve been having dreams
Or just things come up from the past
You will understand the connection
To recent events
And the need to deep clean
All this toxic residue
Its not easy
Or pleasant
But crucial for your well being, healing and evolution
You want to revoke all this
And re-start your life clean
Other’s stuff put upon you
Is not yours to carry
Disengage with this energy
Detach yourself emotionally
Rediscover who you are without the baggage of others
Strip yourself bit by bit
From all that has been thrown at you
This is the process occurring at this time
It may seem like you’re suddenly going through another dark tunnel
But rest assured
It is merely like going through a car wash
Only to come out squeeky clean on the other side
Be gentle and kind to yourself
Find the love and light within for yourself
Hold on to your dreams
And tend courageously to cleaning up what does not belong in your heart
So you can pick up
Brighter and lighter than before.
Offer yourself love for your courage to do the work
You deserve it
And you will benefit from this immensely.
Reach out to your angels for support to help ease the process.
Remember we are just before New hang in there and hold the vision of what you wish to create ❤
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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