Heart opening to the New


You may be feeling as if on a roller coaster
One moment you see yourself moving on with a positive attitude and then suddenly youre feeling very vulnerable.
Know that this is a normal part of any process of healing and progress.
Youve been moving forward and then old parts of yourself come up.
Fears and doubts that you are truly able to create the life you so desire.
Old habits that bring you back into lack of confidence.
Feelings of loss as you shed what you have known, to move into a better, truer version of yourself.
Give your emotions space as they are all a part of you.
But remember you have been created
You Are worth your dreams
You have a higher purpose
And you are to value yourself highly
You are a precious sacred part of creation
You were created on purpose with a purpose
Dont let your fears get the best of you
Honor what you have known
Everything has taught you so much
Without which you would not be the person you are today.
Honor old parts of you, old situations and people as part of your path
But you are wiser today
And you cannot look back for too long
Dont be dragged back down and out of manifesting the best version of yourself.
The best is yet to come
And you are here ready to claim who you are.
No one and nothing will pull you out of your destiny now.
You have not gone through all youve gone through for nothing.
There may be some anxiety as you move towards a future unknown.
All you need to do is continue putting your best foot forward and keep connecting with who you really are and expressing that in little ways.
Feeling your emotions is ofcourse one of the ways
Remember that is not a weakness or something to flee from
Your vulnerability is what makes you also compassionate to yourself and others
It also makes you sensitive to beauty.
Embrace all of you as you take small steps towards your horizon.
Be gentle with yourself as you tend to more healing
But keep your golden vision alive
You are here to create something beautiful
Dont forget that
Dont rob yourself from doing just that
Keep your dreams alive
They are on their way to come true šŸ’—
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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