Let’s talk confidence


Chances are recent troublesome events have left you lacking confidence.
The truth of the matter is that they have triggered these feelings you already were carrying inside you,though perhaps magnifying them, which is a good thing.
This is because you get to take a closer look at this in order to heal it.
You are at the gateway of a new beginning
Youve been working diligently on clearing and healing and you may even begin to feel stirrings of excitement towards taking steps for a new life, manifesting your dreams and more of who you are.
You’re getting close
And then fear sets in
Am I good enough? you ask
Can I really do this?
Yes you can
The reason you have been stuck for so long has a lot to do with you not believing you can.These are limiting beliefs of yourself that stem from older wounds from earlier on in your life.You’ve created a sort of prison for yourself in which the more you crave to manifest your dreams, the more the walls come closing in.
Except all if this is an illusion.
You are actually free as a butterfly
No one is stopping you but yourself
You must understand the seeds of your dreams come from your creation.
If you have passion for something, chances are this is part of your soul’s mission.
This energy comes from deep within your soul that knows there are no limits to your existence to be able to create what it is pushed to do.
Let go of fear
Understand where this fear stems from.
See the connection to a whole structure you have built for yourself based on these fears.
It is time to pierce through all of this
You can no longer create your existence based on these fears and limits
For this is the reason you have been attracting situations and people that do not serve your highest good.
To change this scenario you need to start aligning with your highest version of self.
You need to remember you have come here for a purpose and allow the importance of this purpose carry you forward.
You need to tap into all that is within you that is cooped up inside you craving life, craving to express, craving to thrive.
You can no longer hold yourself down like this
You can no longer hold yourself prisoner like this.
Now is the time to come out and be who you were meant to be
Give yourself the life you so deserve
Explore your soul’s cravings and express your dreams, your passion, your truth.
Take it nice and slow and come out of your hiding
Start doing small things to stretch your comfort zone
Small steps that are part of your dreams or connected in some way and get you closer.
Also try just small steps to build your courage and sense of freedom.
Give yourself some small challenges and try them one at a time,gently.
Every time you go through one, you will begin to recover your self esteem.
Remember the universe is supporting you
For you are here to express the Truth of your creation.
Call on your Angels and Guides to help and guide you on your destined path.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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