Reclaim lost parts of self


This is it
Its time to call on all lost parts of self
Theres no more hiding
Its time to reclaim all of you
Perhaps in earlier days
You have had dreams, wishes, passions
And then ‘life’ got in the way..
But was it really life
Or are these passions of yours your true key to a real life?
Life may have thrown many curve balls at you..challenges
But youre here
Are you here?
Dont make these an excuse for not living your fullest truest life
Dont wait for your retirement or your death bed to say I wish I had done this or that..
Whatever is hiding deep down in your heart needs to be expressed
Your Soul needs to express itself
Your passions need to be unleashed
These are the source of your vital life force
Dont worry if these are to be your main activities or not
Dont worry if they are more than one
And are all different
Dont worry if your talented or not
Dont worry about critics
Just BE
Free yourself from all your restrictions
Tap in today to whatever passions lay deep down inside
Revisit them
In any way possible
Today all is possible
Dont make any excuses
Liberare yourself
Liberate your soul
Understand that by reclaiming all the different parts of self, your reclaim your life, your power and your sense of freedom
After which you can do absolutely anything
Claim your existence Today
Do something
Touch upon one lost part of self
And do it
Today –
You will be Reborn!
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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