Falling in love with self


When you truly connect and discover the beauty and depths of self
you can but fall in love
feeling a deep appreciation, even a sort of euphoria, atleast for moments, of deep connection.
When you fall in love with self
layers and layers of wounds thrown upon you by wounded souls drop down and are scattered into the wind
you don’t feel the need to embrace them anymore
you crave more and more of your freedom to express more and more of who you are.
This ecstatic discovery or Recovery overcomes you
You are flying
if anything you feel true and full compassion for those who have hurt you along the way.
You see their lack of freedom
You see how disconnected they are from the truth and from the light
and as a result, from their joy.
The only thing left for them to do in their despair is to hurt others.
How sad is that?
Bless them for them to find the truth of their light as we all have.
Bless them for them to find the way to their joy, for them to stop hurting themselves and others.
Grant them your pardon and your blessing,
Liberating them and yourself.
Invest in your new-found love for self.
If you arent fully there yet,
know this is possible
know you are close
If you allow yourself the true deep inner connection
You can obtain this.
know this is a process
follow the steps of finding alone time to reconnect and discover more of self.
challenge yourself bit by bit
to do little things towards your passions
and stretch your comfort zone.
Do good to you.
Nourish and Nurture yourself in all ways.
Promise yourself
you will set yourself free and make yourself happy.
If you are Determined and Dedicated
you will.
In this state of being
of love for self
you are on top of the world,
your world.
You can accomplish anything you want
and above all you can be happy.
This is where its at
and this must be your solid foundation.

This is full alignment with your spirit.
you may be able to obtain this for just brief moments
but you can work on making them longer and more frequent.
Start paying attention to your Energy
and make a point to recenter, reconnect with self, rebalance your energy and raise your vibration.
Do this by allowing some quiet time as soon as you feel influenced by the energy of others and out of sorts, even if it means taking a break of 5 min and just doing conscious breathing
otherwise, always strive to find some undisturbed alone time in quiet and calm in your sacred space or in nature
to return to your center, your source.

When you have established this undeniable deep bond of appreciation for self, situations that come at you that are dishonoring,do not enter your aura
because they have no place in your energy field and you are sure of that, so there is nothing in you that wishes to entertain anything like that.

These incidences, if any occur, slide down a glass wall and your light is unaffected, for you now understand that your energy is devoted fully to nourishing your light.

A situation these days may come up to test you.Use discernment. Remember who you are and what you have learned and achieved. Listen well to your gut instincts and proceed accordingly.

Do not shut down your heart, move freely and openly towards life, knowing that no one and nothing can hurt you now. You are Golden and you know your worth. If anything crosses your lines of self respect, you simply let it go and move forward on your Golden path, continuing your joy and self love. There is so much more that life has to offer you and you have so much more to offer life.
Much love
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