Your Light shall Heal Humanity


You may be feeling the intense energy of the full moon lunar eclipse
It is pushing us to clear much of the old that does not serve us and our higher path.
It may feel like we are going backwards after all the hard work weve put in to progress and to rising higher.
The Truth is we are going through what is lingering deep within unconsciously
All the lower vibrational thoughts and emotions mainly about ourselves.
Take a good look at what comes up
But do not lose yourself in the emotions that arise.
Allow the clearing to occur and RELEASE
Release the past and those who have hurt you.Do not delve in this any longer.
This is not who you are.
Keep the vision of all your recent efforts and accomplishments aswell as your goals and dreams.They are not at all lost nor are you.
Do not give into negativity of any kind.
Forgive yourself and others for whatever you have gone through and whatever emotions this has created.
See that this is all to be released for there is no place for this disfunctionality on your path to manifesting more of your higher self .
You are incorporating more light in your life.
You are accepting, embracing, nourishing more of your own light.
Anything that does not Align with you shining your light needs to be released.
Be gentle with yourself at this time
Be kind to yourself
Think kindly of others and whatever hurtful things they may have done
Your path is in the Light
Resource yourself in the light in any way you know to.
Light a candle inviting spirit guidance and assistance.
Ask them to intervene for your highest good
Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords with anyone who does not align with your highest good.
Burn some sage or pure incense to clear your space and your aura of any negative energies.
Listen to high frequency vibrational music to help soothe you and raise your vibration to the light of your being.
Sniff some Lavender essential oil and rest or go out to nature.
Take a walk or do some other mild physical activity.
Resolve to send LIGHT to those who hurt you. This is the best you can do for yourself and for others, Allowing them to find their way to the light as soon as possible,to avoid causing more harm to themselves or others.
Its time to break the cycle of returning harmful energy to harmful energy
Our world is desperate to HEAL
We All wish to return to the Light
And we All will eventually
Yet there are those that get lost along the way.
The best we can wish to Anyone, is to return to the Light.
Let us act today with love towards ourselves and all of humankind, even those who have wronged us.
Let us be an active part of Healing to All.
Let us turn All Darkness into Light.
Harness this intense energy
And choose to direct it within you to bask in your Light and to send Light outwards
Especially to any source of darkness.
This is how we Rise,Transform & Heal.
Much love
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