All systems Go


Today is the beginning of a New year in the Mayan calender.We are also heading towards a special powerful second New Moon of this month on the 31st and we are also heading towards the lion’s gate energetic portal on the 8.8
So..if youve been feeling a bit stuck with all the planets in retrogade its time to prepare as even Mercury turns direct on the 31st.
The Universe is saying all systems go!
We are moving forward to create New chapters in our lives!
As we approach, use this time wisely in preparation.
Make sure you are clear on leaving the past behind and releasing all that does not serve your higher good.
Look within and around you
Do some serious cleaning
Of your thoughts and negative patterns
Look into your space
Declutter, clean and let go of anything encumbering your space that is not really serving your new outlook on life.
Make sure your interactions are of positive nature.
Look into your habits
Are they supporting you in a positive way?
Release those that are not and start investing your time and energy in those that will help you grow and shine.
Were there things you wanted to do for a while that you keep postponing?
A yoga class? Gym? Walks? Nature? Art? Music? Meditation? Healthier diet or lifestyle? Change of hairstyle?
Check yourself out
If you want to invite better changes into your life, you need to show the Universe how important that is to you
How important YOU are to you
How are you willing to invest in yourself, in the quality of your life?
We are Energy and all we do is investing and directing Energy into what we choose.
What do you choose to invest your energy in?Where do you direct it?
Pay close attention from the moment you wake up in the morning throughout your day to the moment you shut your eyes at night.
How are you creating your life with your choices?
What kind of energy are you inviting and entertaining simply by allowing which is also a choice.
Look carefully.Take note.Resolve to change each point in which you either make choices that dishonor you or allow your power to be taken away from you.
Dont live in default mode.
Stand fully in your power and acknowledge just how much power you hold within to create your life with your choices.
The energetic portals coming toward us ask us to be deliberate creators, to pay utmost importance to our intentions, choices and actions
So get focused
Take notes
And set your intentions offering them to the universe to help you manifest the changes you wish for.
Much love
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