Walking towards what is important


You may be feeling disoriented,uprooted,irritated,fatigued and emotional.
So much has been going on to clear you of unwanted burdensome energy.
Revisiting the past may have helped you gain clarity yet may have left you feeling a bit wiped out.
We are also in the midst of an energy shift and we are heading towards a New Moon on the 30th.
Be Grateful for you have been through so much, you have walked courageously through the extra fire of fine tuning, knowing that you need to walk through it all to get to the other side and you ARE.
Your time has arrived
You understand what is important and what is not.
Nothing can deter you from your birthright path towards the light which you know to be your most important goal.
All else that does not comply shall fall away.
Resentment turns to compassion towards those who remain shut down before the light.
Your hurt transforms to your need for all your energy to be collected and focused on your soul purpose, on your well being and on your evolution.
No more time or energy to waste
You are blessed with the opportunity to Rise and be an example for others as they stumble along the way.
The confusion, fatigue and irritation you feel these days are symptoms of a shift occurring in your life as you upgrade, leaving all that does not align with your highest good behind and prepare for your next step on your path of evolution.
The harsh feelings you once may have felt turn to softness as you understand more deeply how we all are just trying our best from where we are on our path. We are all headed to the same direction, back home to the light and we understand the importance of holding the light on in our hearts for all those that struggle as we also understand the utmost importance for us to act in full responsability towards our own creation and stand more fully in our light, taking our next important steps on our evolution,even as we may need to leave certain people and situations behind.
These days be extra gentle with yourselves and others
Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit and veggies with vital life force to support you.
Get extra rest if you feel you need it.
Spend more time in nature to find balance and replenishment and take more time to yourself to heal, recenter, restore your energy and listen to your inner higher self and the Divine.This self time in quiet is sacred and important at this time.
You are being asked to step up, use your gifts and shine your light.
Be Who you came here to Be.
Own your Light and Shine it unto us All.
No more holding back.
Thank you for Being here and thank you for your Light.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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