You are a Blessing


Tomorrow we have a New Moon
You may already be feeling the energy pick up
You may also begin to feel the urge to clean up and organise your life.
There is a push from the Universe to get yourself ready for prime action forward.
Cleaning your space, decluttering, cleaning and clearing the old unwanted lower energies of the past.Getting rid of anything that no longer serves you or reminds you of lower energy of any kind.
Purifying your space with dried Sage or any pure natural incense to clear your space and yourself of any lower energy.
Organising your space and your life to be able to be more productive,efficient and creative.Perhaps even redecorating a bit to uplift and beautify your surroundings to represent the energy you wish to invite into your life at this time.
If you know you need to and feel overwhelmed by how much there really needs to be done, just start by one small act in this direction.This will immediately create a sense of satisfaction that will compel you to do more and will get the ball rolling.
Make sure you are setting your clear intentions for the life you wish to create for yourself.On a New Moon is the best time to do so.Take some quiet time to review what you wish to leave behind that no longer serves your higher good, and see what you do wish to create, nourish and invite into your world to create a new beginning for yourself.
The past does not define you, let it go.
What is it you wish to Create Now? Use your Energy now productively and wisely to do just that.
You may have been through a lot and then some.Dont stop there, rather look at your resilience, dedication and determination.
That is what you have developed as a result of all these challenges,plus a richness, a depth to your soul that nothing can compare to.You can be so very proud of yourself.You have seen life from the inside out and you live to tell the tale.You are in a position of so much understanding and compassion,you can now walk to show others the way,with your light , wisdom and patience, many have a lot to learn from you.
Be confident and take steps to creating your new reality.As you move into this energy, you may also have some surprises that come to meet your new positive creative energy.
Love your life
Love yourself
Love all youve gone through
Love who you are becoming
You are a child of the Universe
You are a Blessing to this Earth ❤
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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