Loving yourself turns everything to Gold


These days may have had you feeling very fragile. We are going through energy shifts that are designed to upgrade our light and as a result a lot of lower energy resurfaces.
If you are an empath and/or a lightworker of any kind there is a tendency to constantly be in the way of lower energies endlessly transmuting them to light.
In any case we all always need to make time on a regular basis to clear and take care of our own energy.
In times like these it is even more needed.
Do not feel discouraged and do not allow yourself to fall back.
If you need more rest , if you need to pause or slow down, be easy on yourself.
Do not be upset feeling your plans are set back.Divine timing is at play and your well being is of utmost importance always, especially for anything to work out well.
Your new beginnings for which you have been working hard are definitely on the way.
You just need to be strong and have faith in yourself and in the Divine as well as in your path.
You have a soul purpose and that cannot be taken away from you.
Your resilience and faith are needed.
Remain positive in what you wish to create.
Show yourself much tender loving care
Be gentle with yourself
If you feel the need to sleep more, do so.
Allow yourself some quiet alone time to heal, rest & meditate.
Being in Nature can also help you re-balance your energy.
Do something nice for you.
Hold so much Love in your heart for yourself
This is so important, the most important component of your life for you to create anything that you honor and respect.
The more love you hold for yourself, the more you heal and the more you can turn this or any energy into Gold for you and for others ❤
Sending you much love & light
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