You may be feeling highly emotional
We have entered an important energy portal yesterday and are moving towards a full moon on the 14th.
A lot is occuring for us in ways that do not meet the eye in order to help us transform and hold more of our light.
So much is moving through us
So much is coming up for us to review
There is a need for some deep inner soul searching to be able to find the sense in all the fragments coming up
We are being dismantled in a way
Your soul is calling you to drop all that has been keeping it in hiding
This is huge.
For many of us
We have created whole lives around fitting in…adapting..getting along
During which we have learned a whole lot about what it feels like to live disconnected from our truth..from our soul..
The Universe will not let you hide any longer
It is pushing and shaking you
To firstly open your heart
Which is why you may find yourself crying for no apparent reason
Perhaps some reviewing of dissapointments that have led to close your heart as this occurs
But you are not meant to live your life with a closed heart
Even as you do rightfully feel you need to protect yourself from harm and toxicity of others, let this not bring you to harden and further yourself even more from your soul.
Your experiences have brought you much learning about where we reach when we distance ourselves from our light and that is definitely not where you want to be.
You have learned compassion for yourself and others and this softens the heart.
You have learned resilience which has strengthened you.
Trust yourself today to know when you need to use discernment.When in doubt take a pause to tune into your higher self and your instincts.
Move forward leaving behind all that has hurt you, trusting yourself and the Divine to guide you to your higher purpose.
Make a point on a daily basis to tune into quiet time with yourself away from distractions to clear your energy and listen to your inner self and the whispers of the Divine to you.
Know that the Universe needs you to follow your higher purpose for you are a part of the divine plan.
These days, allow the dismantling of that which no longer serves you
Allow the tears to flow and the density to be released from your energy field to clear the way for your true inner seed to finally come out and express itself.
If you feel tears flowing allow them to
You are not going backwards even though it may feel that way
You may be revisiting old pains or feelings of self doubt
See these as they wash through you
Whatever lingers in you that is blocking your way needs to move out of your system
For you to fully manifest who you are.
Tune into self
Allow old forgotten dreams to resurface
Connect with parts of you you have left behind
Try to connect the dots and allow your soul to soar
Listen carefully in the stillness
To who you truly are
Let go of whatever is blocking you
No more time to waste
Embrace yourself truly and wholeheartedly
Strive to become that which you were created to be
There within lies your freedom, your passion, your vitality, your creation and your light to shine and inspire us all.
Remember those of us empaths and lightworkers are purging not only for ourselves and are holding the light for the collective.This is not an easy task but one with honorable responsability.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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*Disclaimer:Information given here does not replace professional medical care.If you feel the need, please reach out for appropriate assistance.

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