Uniting to Create Beauty


You may be feeling very emotional
You may have been very hurt and deceived in the past, perhaps even multiple times in different ways, in different types of relationships and situations.All this has served a higher purpose in learning very important lessons needed for the building of your character and the evolution of your soul.
This may have caused you to close off your heart in fear of getting hurt again.
You may have strengthened, learning more to lean on yourself, establishing more self confidence but you are not go through life, neither alone, nor with a heart that is closed off, hardened by hardships and dissapointments.
Allowing yourself to open up again and be vulnerable takes a lot of courage, but is crucial to live a full productive and joyful life.
It is also crucial to living your truth with the expression of all your emotions.
Your heart is the center of your Divine energy, home of your Divine light.
From there you beam your love,light, joy & your compassion for yourself and others.
These days you are ending a chapter, a cycle and about to open a new one.
Members of your Soul Tribe are coming in to support you and for you to support them
For this new chapter is meaningful in your life.You have done important work on yourself and now are about to create something wonderful for yourself and in service for others.This is your higher purpose and the reason for which support is coming in.It is That important.
These soul mates may be people you knew before, re-entering your life or totally new.
Your discernment is still needed to see who is coming in for the right reasons, but you have learned enough to be able to evaluate.
These meetings with these soul mates may evoke much emotion as you allow yourself to open your heart once again to others and to your somewhat forgotten dreams.
Allow these souls to tiptoe all over your wounds and re-awaken your sleeping passions and emotional needs.
Allow yourselves to create Healing for eachother as you step forward to Create better, more meaningful lives for everyone.
It is also very important at this time as you embark on this new part of your journey
To take a ‘birds eye view’ on all that has attempted to hurt you.
See those souls in compassion for their own wounds and allowing themselves to act from that wounded space rather than from the acknowledgement of their own light.Carrying further hurt or anger for how they acted towards you will only continue the poisonous cycle.
Be the one that breaks that cycle and commits to carrying only light energy forward with which to create a better world
With LOVE.
Send Light even to your harshest adversaries, allowing them to come closer to their own healing and Devote yourself to Uniting and Creating more Light for yourself and for us all.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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