Walk through

20171117_160512 crp final signed

Today the 10.10 is an important energy portal.You may be feeling the energy.
There is a Gate opening
Can you feel it?
Are you ready to walk right through it?
Can you feel it enticing you?
There is a Magical feeling of openness, of upliftment..of lightness.
Its a Beautiful energy
And its for you
Encouraging you to walk on through
Leaving behind all the denseness that does not serve you
Reconnecting with a lighter more joyful part of you,
Encouraging you to spread your wings and fly,leaving behind all those fears that were hindering you lately.
You are a Divine Creation
Here to bask in your light and shine it onto others by expressing and sharing your gifts
We await your light for we so need it
There is no more time to lose
You have been through enough to know that holding back your true essence does not serve you or any one elses highest good.
You are here to live life to its fullest
You are here to express the full unique truth of your being
Dont give away your power anymore
Dont give away your beauty, your gifts or your joy.
Theyre yours to enjoy,express and share,
Celebrating life and contributing to its light and beauty.
Are you ready to walk through the Gate
Towards your Soul purpose?
Empty your mind
And make room for your
Soul to Flourish ❤

You have a responsibility to your creation to live life to the fullest of who you truly are!
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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