Your emotions are valid


You may be feeling very tender..emotional
We are headed towards a New moon and in the meantime we are within a whole lot of water energy=emotions
Dont fear your emotions,rather sit with them
They are an important part of your existence.
You may be reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future.
Try to stay in a place of just feeling your emotions and desires,knowing they are valid and important.They are real and they are YOU.They make up who you Are.
Were you forced to hide them or shut them down in the past?
Have you felt there is no place for them to be accepted?
If they arise it means they need to be accepted,first and foremost by you.
You need to recognise and accept them ,give them space and validation.
Accepting oneself fully is the first step towards attracting interactions that mutually accept,respect and nourish each other.
Start today by being very gentle,kind and nurturing to yourself.
Pamper yourself with favorite music,essential oils, comforting food, a good book a favorite hobby and/or Nature.
Be there for yourself.Hear yourself out.
Listen carefully to all your emotions being expressed.Give yourself a warm loving embrace and feel your Angels there with you too.Talk to them and ask for their assistance.They need your request to intervene for your highest good.
Develop a bond with them through writing or talking.Rest on their shoulders knowing your emotional needs will be met.
Understand the past does not define you nor does it imply that there is no validity to your emotional expression just because others have failed to embrace you due to their own emotional blockages.
Flow freely with who you are today
Even if it means to let tears flow, let them flow while dancing and smiling for your emotions are beautiful,caring and loving and your open heart is what the world needs more of today.
Be proud of who you are
Do not hide
Keep your heart open
Love all of you
Nurture your emotions and express the whole truth of who you are without holding back
And allow the universe to reciprocate ❤

Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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*Disclaimer:Information given here does not replace professional medical care.If you feel the need, please reach out for appropriate assistance.

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