Going Deep..


We are entering Scorpio season and we are compelled to go deep.
No more shallow waters..no more shallow anything..
We are being asked to look deep within and if we look deep enough we shall find our truth,our light.
On the way there we will pass whatever we have built to hide it but this does not satisfy us any longer.
The drive to live our truth is becoming too strong and too important for our existence.
Whatever stories you have been telling yourself of not being good enough etc will need to be seen for the camouflage that they are and need to go now.
This hiding place has served you in reaching some sort of quiet in the face of those who opposed your light.
And yet, you have payed a price..and you know this now.
You have done so much work but there’s still something very missing..and that is YOU.
May the real YOU stand up, Now.
All this hiding, all this adapting, all this getting by is just not giving you what you need anymore.
Life goes by and you realise this is not what its really all about.You are not here to survive, but to thrive.
It is time to recognise your truth, your light, your God given gifts, your God-self and Honor your Creator by Cherishing All that you Are.
Obstacles and challenges are not put in your way to let go of who you are but to reinforce who you are, to see that you can Shine Bright despite, showing yourself and others the power of your convictions and the power of the Creator’s Light that Shines Bright Through you no matter what.
You can no longer dismiss your Mission.You have come too far to go back now.The only place you’re going now is deeper, stronger and truer than ever before.
You may feel at times at despair, confused
But it is in those moments where all has been halted for the Higher purpose of reaching your soul.
Use the opportunity as it arises
This is not a black hole
This is the universe asking you to move back into your soul
Reach quiet
If you listen carefully
Wisdom comes in many different ways
But only if youre listening
Your Higher self awaits your readiness
Your surrender and willingness
To let go of all the noise, the negativity and the shallowness
And go deep
Into your soul.
At the Root of your existence lies the love of self, the appreciation of yourself as a Divine Creation.Without this appreciation you cannot reach your answers and the road is blocked.
When you appreciate and cherish your God self, you then pave your path back to collaborating with the Divine.You then are ready to bring to light who you truly are, cherishing, nourishing and working with your gifts to create much love and light in our world.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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*Disclaimer:Information given here does not replace professional medical care.If you feel the need, please reach out for appropriate assistance.

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