Your love Nourishes your life

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We are within the New Moon energy.
The Universe is encouraging us to take a deep look within.
What is it we are creating in our life
What is it we are allowing
What is it we are expressing or not expressing
What is it we are hiding
What shall we take with us on our journey towards manifesting our True selves?
You may be dealing with challenges but upon deep reflection you come to realise
Whatever challenges that come your way
Are enabled by the Divine for a higher purpose.When you realise you are not merely here to ‘dodge bullets’ but actually here to Rise Higher because of these challenges , then you begin to understand Grace and the Magic of your Existence.
When you understand nothing happening to you is here to give you a hard time, but actually to give you an opportunity to show yourself and others that you are Greater than any challenge attempting to limit you,
Then, at that moment you are Free.
Free to own your Power
And Create the life you desire.
In fact, even within the folds of your challenges lay many pearls of Beauty and Grace if you take the time to stop and cherish, you will find that it is your appreciation of those pearls and the investment of your love that nourishes your life.
Open your heart today to the wisdom you have gained from within
Dont look back in any resentment, shame or blame,look forward in Grace to becoming the best version of yourself by knowing to nourish that which deserves to be nourished.
Allowing whatever is at the moment without frustration will bring a state of peace that allows improvement as you nurture what is important.
Investing your love in all that is important to you will allow everything to blossom within and around you.
Those who give into lower energy are merely projecting their own difficult feelings with themselves onto others.Forgive these souls and Release them,blessing them to find their own light.
Your time and energy is precious.
Invest wisely
Nourish your life with your love and see it blossom.🌷
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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