Trust Yourself

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Beyond every challenge
Lies the love you have for yourself, for creation, for your creator, for your creation.
That is your sanctuary, your victory, your freedom.
Nothing can take away your spirit, your light
If you dont allow it to.
You are not a victim.
If anyone attempts to hurt you in anyway
They are the victim of their own insecurities
Failing to see their own light.
You are free and powerful in your light.
Your light rises above all limitations,
Nothing can touch that.
Know who you are
Stand strong, anchored in the purity of your heart and the truth of your soul
Forgive those who hurt you and Release them
They are the ones most in need of healing.
Wish them to find their way back to their soul.
Tend to your own healing
With self love and the determination to walk in the light of the Divine
Despite all obstacles tests and challenges.
No one can sway you from the path
And for this you can be proud of yourself.
The Divine stands by you as you continue to walk the path to fulfilling your soul purpose so you can inspire others and show them the way.
Your path, amid all your tests, is testimony of your faith and devotion.
You have overcome time and time again whatever has attempted to overthrow you.
You are one with the light
Cutting through all darkness
And standing in your own shine.
You are to be commended
The universe salutes you
And walks by your side
As you can now fully shine your light with pride.
Do not fill yourself with anger and resentment for then you will be holding on to the very same lower energy that hurt you.
Keep your heart pure and open to the love of the Divine.
Leave this energy at the door and commit to ending these viscious cycles within the belly of humanity by cutting ties with all that does not align with the higher good.
Commit to Nourishing the love and light that is in you and in others.
Let us weave together and cultivate
The beauty in our creation to be strengthened and carry others along the way back to their truth.
Walk forward in confidence
Trust in your own self
After having been through so much
You have shown yourself that you are Trustworthy,
That you can always count on yourself.
Take care of yourself no matter what happens
That is golden
That is your freedom
To walk out into the world knowing you are totally there for yourself
And the Divine is right there with you.
You have nothing more to fear, for you have conquered it all and then some.
Walk forward
Walk tall
Walk proud
Walk humble
Walk grateful
And graceful
Walk free as a newborn
Ready to be who you are meant to be.
Your joy does not depend on anyone else but yourself
Be there for yourself
Fully, truthfully, whole-heartedly through thick and thin
And you will discover your own freedom.
Much love
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