Creation of Love

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We are within the energy of the New Moon which has ocurred yesterday.
You may be feeling extra emotional at this time.
We are reaching the end of a karmic cycle.
Old scenarios may revisit for review.
Emotions may arise aswell
Let them
Move through these emotions to be able to clear them
Make sure not to stay stuck in them
This energy needs to be thoroughly released.
This is also an opportunity to see all the different ways in which you are still clinging to these situations, emotions and energies
For this is exactly where your blockages are.
As you move through this you will be rising above it all to embody more of your higher consciousness, understanding more about situations and where you truly are in regards to all this.
Looking closely you can see much more of your truth.
Going through these situations has made you such a wiser and more compassionate being.You also know what stands on the other side of what you truly wish to create
For you have lived it and know first hand.
You know now that what you wish for requires your undivided attention and devotion, weeding out all distractions and all that stands on the other side of your true values and truth.
You wish to create a life based on truth, honesty, depth, respect and love.
You wish to attract, share and create with those who share the same devotion and understand the need for presence and dedication for things to flourish.
You have come here to shine your light, further spreading the light of the Divine to inspire others.
Now that you have a deeper understanding you will be provided with opportunities and like minded individuals to share, create and expand, fulfilling your higher purpose.
Take stock of all that was and all you wish to create from here.
Pay close attention to where you wish to invest your intentions and energy
For now you know that every thought, word and action counts in endless ways and creates your reality.
Spending quality quiet time is crucial to your wellbeing, clearing out unwanted energetic disturbances, allowing for inner peace, reconnection to your inner higher self, as well as clarity and guidance from the Divine.
Honor who you are
Honor your life
Honor the value you bring to the life of others
Devote your full true LOVE to yourself, your wellbeing, Your life with all that you do
And the individuals with which you share your life
Make sure those you invite into your life share this same dedication.
Make your choices embody who you are to create a creation of LOVE.
Much love
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