The Power to be You

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We are heading towards the full moon on the 11th and a Solar eclipse on the 26th.
We are walking some tricky terrain throwing us a bit upside down at the moment designed to pinpoint more accurately that which lies below the surface within our beings that is blocking our power and energy flow.
Situations may come in at this time to see if you know your truth.
Look and listen carefuly
Use discernment
Choose wisely
Some situations may ask of you to stand by your truth and walk away.
Sometimes no reaction is better suited.
You know who you are
All you need is to restore your peace and your power.
This is a time inwhich many hidden truths come to surface
Remember that sooner or later
The truth can never be hidden for long
And the Universe will always bring it to light.
There may also be situations that ask you to take a closer look into that which triggers your emotions.
Before and above anything else
See this as a precious opportunity to look deep within and see where there may still be lingering wounds that hinder your own sense of security, confidence and power.
Take the time to hold yourself dear and near, listen to your emotions, then to your higher self and to the Divine.
Focusing on yourself you are able to take back your power
And then if you are still unclear, ask yourself :Is this who I Am?
Upon responding, you will receive your answers as to whether you are being who you truly are and if the situation itself represents and is compatible with who you truly are.
Dont act in haste
Take a pause and take the time to observe
This is a time in which big changes can occur in your life.
You are the author of this story
Make sure at all times you are devoted first and foremost to your own spiritual growth and evolution
Spotting within what needs to go to shine brighter in your truth in light
Then making the choices and inviting that which truly aligns with your higher good
So that you can continue to walk the path and rise to your higher purpose.
Much love
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