Walk through


We have walked through an important energetic portal on the 12.12 amplified by a full moon.
This Gate is open to us for 12 days.
We are completing an energetic cycle and closing a decade.
As we head towards a new chapter, a new important decade, a new beginning
We need to review all that was said and done
All that we must leave behind
Recent events may have triggered you yet they were a crucial catalyst for a much needed change.
Your old patterns came up to play to show you one last time what you will no longer accept from others or for yourself.
Others may have helped you see where you have stayed stuck in lack of confidence and self appreciation.
That needs to go.
You are heading towards a beautiful new beginning
One that you have created with your own hands
Your own energy
Your own sweat and tears
Your own lessons
Your own love in your heart
Your own magic
Your own faith
You are here
You are being upgraded energetically
And that may feel like growing pains
Your body craves for rebirth
Your heart is cracking open,craving to feel the love of life again
Your soul is bursting
Wanting to jump in joy and reconnect with its true essence.
The time is so near
You may already feel it
Stretch your limbs
Go out and reconnect with nature
Feel and sense the Grace of God.
Reconnect with your vitality
Absorb the gentle light of the sun.
Reconnect to who you truly are
Feel alive again
Take a walk in the fresh air.
Allow all that has taken place to move through you as you release absolutely everything that has ever held you back
You are here to shine
You are here to flourish
You are here to show us your unique light
And collaborate with soul family to shine onto the world
You can no longer hold back
We need you
The world needs you
Full of joy and vibrance
Confident in who you are
For you have been created for a purpose.
Use these upcoming days
To purify yourself from the past
And from anything holding you back
All lower vibration needs to go
For you to walk into your wholeness.
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