Reconnect to your Light


Energies are intense
We are in the midst of serious transformation.
Whatever is not in our truth and in our highest good
Will not be taken to the threshhold of this New year
This New chapter of ours,
This New energetic cycle.
What are you experiencing these days?
What decisions and choices need to be made?
What confusions are about?
No matter what is going on in your life
Look within
Detach from conflict, confusion and drama
Stand tall in the knowing of who you are
Have you strayed from yourself lately?
Get back into your Soul
Get back into self
There within lies your power
There within lies your light
There within lies your wisdom
Stay grounded
Remember all the hard work you put into your path until now
Remember all you’ve learned
All you’ve overcome
There has been this one beam of light
That kept you going
That was your light
That is the same light
You need to look to right now
When things seem chaotic,confusing, disappointing and depleting
Turn back to you
You are the source of all that is
For you carry within the light of the Divine
Whatever answers you seek
Will be revealed to you
By re-anchoring yourself in your light
Re-investing in you, re-appreciating and re- nourishing you.
YOU are your biggest most precious treasure
Treat yourself as such
And you will be Aligning with the Divine
And All Higher guidance for your path.
Much love
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*Disclaimer:Information given here does not replace professional medical care.If you feel the need, please reach out for appropriate assistance.

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