Protect the energy of your truth

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We are heading towards a New Moon and Solar eclipse on Thursday the 26th of December.
We have been through quite a ride since we’ve entered the 12.12 Gateway leading us towards experiences that may have put you on edge
You have been ‘tricked’ into digging deep and releasing wounds and pain that have been blocking your energy flow.
Whatever you’ve been going through definitely turned you upside down for a deep cleaning.
Detaching from dramas and situations that do not align with your highest good is crucial.
Re-evaluate as you tend to your own self care.You may have found yourself so lost in the drama and lower energies of others that you have somewhat distanced yourself from your soul,your truth, your own personal energy.
Take a break.Breathe.Re-center
Much self loving care is essential to gently move back into your own energy.
Youve worked too hard for so long on your own self growth to let it escape you by absorbing other people’s chaos.
Healthy bounderies are essential.
Making sure at all times no matter what you do, no matter where you are, no matter who youre with and no matter how important it feels to you
There is absolutely nothing more important than losing one’s self,one’s truth,one’s wellbeing.
Put in place healthy practices of checking in with yourself, your energy and your well being.
This is where once again daily habits of taking precious quiet time alone to release whatever negative energy you may have absorbed and tuning back into your own energy, reconnecting with your higher self and the Divine for guidance, are so crucial to make sure you have not been swallowed up by other people and situations that cause you to sway from self and your own clarity.
This is why you may be feeling confused about certain situations at this time.
Do whats necessary for your own well being
Move back into your own energy also by doing things you like that make you happy
And re-focus on your own personal goals.
Dont lose yourself and your truth to no one.
As soon as you find yourself, once again things will begin to become clearer
You will also be embodying your full power once you moved back into your own truth and this power is the power that will attract to you that which aligns
All else will fade away.
We are moving towards a new life in which we are being asked to be fully in our Truth and in our power, leaving behind all that does not serve our highest good
This is how we shall step into 2020
And this new moon is where we get to show we know how to do this.
Much love
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