Walking your higher path

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We are closing a year
Closing a decade
Closing an energetic cycle
Many challenges
Many lessons learned
We have grown
We are ready
Ready to manifest our higher selves.
Take the time these days to review your life and see what may be hindering you and what patterns, thoughts or behaviors may bring you towards situations that do not serve you.
See if there is any lingering past hurt that you are holding in your vibration and not releasing.
Move beyond the hurt
There lies your freedom
Who you are is much more powerful than anything that attempts to limit you
Yes you are to put up healthy bounderies and not allow those who bring to you any lower energies or disrespect into your life
But as you turn to your life
Dont harbor any of that
Let it go
You are destined for so much more
Dont linger in any of that energy
And definitely dont let it block your flow, your shine, your success.
Keep connecting inwards with your higher self
Keep striving higher and higher untill you manifest your higherself
Dont let anyone or anything stop you.
Anything that doesnt align with your growth
Does not belong in your life
Nor in your vibration
Let it go
Don’t continue to let any thoughts about whatever has occurred hinder your process.
No more time nor energy to waste on whatever does not support your growth.
Free yourself once and for all
Understand that every hurt just mirrored old unresolved hurt that needed to be released anyway.
When you reach a point where you do not cling anymore to hurt,
You are a free soul
Free to be the joy and light that you are
Your devotion is to your soul’s growth.
When you stay devoted no matter what,
You start to see all that is aligned become attracted to you.
All you need to do every step of the way is to stay on track and never sway.
Those that align will co-create with you in a dance of give and take full of respect and joy of mutual growth.
Your job is really never to sway from the path of your soul’s growth,
From which you continue to contribute to yourself and others.
Whoever comes or goes does not change your point of focus nor your light or your joy.
Your journey and purpose is too sacred for that.
Your life, your joy or your light does not depend on anyone but you.
Free yourself today from any attachment to the behavior of others
Be responsable for your soul connection to the Divine and your unique ray of Light you are here to channel.
Everything else in your life will align.
If you still feel difficulty in anyway ask assistance from the Divine to help you manifest your Higher self.
You are here to Shine
Its time to remove all you are holding onto that hinders your light.
I wish you a very happy New Year 2020
A year in which you release all that hinders you and choose to live your full joy and Shine your Light ❤
Much love
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