The Key

DSC_0803 crp pillar sind.JPG

When you understand and appreciate
The importance of your own creation
Your own being
When you practice self love as a basis of your existence
When you develop your connection with the Divine
Then, whatever challenges come your way
Whoever may disrespect you
Rolls off like water
Because you know your power
Your point of focus never sways from loving yourself and honoring your Divine connection
This becomes the pillar of your existence
Granting you with a magical power to focus on what is important and essential for your own well being and implementation of your higher purpose
It also grants you the power and energy to offer to others

Walk forward knowing you can count on yourself, knowing that no one and nothing can shake your world, your peace
You own your world
You own your peace
This does not mean you are not moved
But, No matter what occurs
You know to heal and take care of yourself
That’s power

In the most difficult of moments
Detach from outer influences
Dive deep within
There your higherself will be there for you
You guides and angels will take care of you
The Divine will embrace you
All you need is to ask
And nurture the connection
That is always present for you
Devoted to helping you shine your light
Trust yourself
& your Divine connection

As we walk into 2020
The threshhold of a new era
In which
You know your sacred value and power
And own it
I wish for you to walk forward
In your power
In your Joy
Embracing your magical being and creating magic for yourself and for us all to be inspired
Thank you for Being ❤
Happy New Year 2020!
Much Love

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