The Gift

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You may have been revealed a shocking truth or been through a disturbing and disappointing experience.
Just when you thought you were entering this New Year with a positive attitude, so willing to start good.This was not the way you had wished to begin a New Year.
But alas, all is not lost and this might just be a huge gift for you.
Perhaps you have seen emotions come out of you that you have not seen before or atleast not in a long time, and this may have given you a scare.How did I get here,you ask, after all the work I’ve done on myself.
Rest assured you are safe and protected.
These very deep emotions needed to come out. Whatever has occurred served the purpose of clearing very deep held hurt and maybe even anger. Yes, you have done a lot of work, but there may still be your deepest layer lingering in your subconcious holding you back in your life that just so needed to go.
Many situations in our life, especially relationships, even more so love relationships come to help us heal wounds and blockages by making us aware of them, help us release and grow.These may be difficult experiences but they really do have a purpose.Its easy to harbor even more pain and anger from them, but then we will be missing the sacred opportunity for growth, and that is why we need to relive similar scenarios until we get it.
So, here we are again, being asked if we get it.For many this will be the time we get it
As we see that something very important needs to be released
It can be the relationship/situation all together or it may be something it brings up.
Whatever the case for you, there is an enormous opportunity for you to see what this is evoking from deep deep within, to the point of shaking you to the core.Upon close review, you can see what it is in you that has been holding you back for so long that needs to be released.It may have a lot to do with your own feelings of self worth.
Look carefully.
When you are able to see and release
The situation will either end or transform and you will find peace.
Remember no love you offer is ever lost
Honor yourself for offering of your heart and vulnerability.Honor yourself as well for doing your best, searching for your truth and willing to grow within your experiences.
Your offerings are always cherished and aid others on their journey as well as give you an opportunity to express more of who you truly are.
Forgive yourself and others ,for we are all doing our best from where we stand.
Understand we are all on this journey together,struggling, searching and growing at our own pace.See the beauty in this and release hurt, resentment and anger that only deny you your own peace, joy and growth.
When you are able to do this
You have mastered the experience which needs no longer to be repeated.
Cherish the love shared and experienced.
Honor the beauty and release the rest for the benefit of all involved to be able to continue the journey.
Now, after all
THAT IS a Beautiful way to start your new year, your new era towards shining more of your light.
Much love
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