Give yourself this moment


You may be feeling very emotional
Recent events may have brought up so much
For you
In fact, it is Divine intention for all this to come up for you at this time.
Much light is coming in for us and we are pushed to review our lives carefully
It may seem like a stream of different parts of your life passing through you these days.
You may be trying to ask questions about your life, about certain incidents, people and about yourself, wondering if at times you could have or should have acted or reacted differently.
You may be feeling a bit confused as you swim through all this coming up for you.
You are searching for some sense, some depth, some value.
Pain comes up as well
But you know you dont want to feel the pain in the same way anymore
You know you want so much more out of your life
You dont want to be doing things the same way anymore
You wish to transform your painful experiences into light for yourselves and others
You want to find more meaning in your life and even in your pain
And there is in fact meaning in all that you have lived and all that you are experiencing
Absolutely nothing is in vain, to be shunned or ashamed of.It’s all a part of you and has made you such a beautiful and enriched soul.
Weave your experiences and your emotions into a work of art which is your life.
Stand tall and beam with every fiber of your being, proud of every experience and challenge you have gone through for they have allowed you to be the beautiful compassionate being you are today.
Take some time out for you, take things a bit slow as you allow this important process of reviewing and going through the emotions that come up for you.
Be in your emotions, in your vulnerability
Dont let it bring you to despair but rather to appreciation of yourself, see your own beauty and see how you actually need to see more value in yourself, in what youve been through and have surmounted and in what you are trying to create.
Allow this time to take you deeper into your soul, into your values, your truth and aspirations.
Be gentle with yourself and stay away from any negative energy.
Try to find some quiet alone time to be able to connect with your soul, to allow your emotions some space and perhaps take you to some new truth you may have not payed attention to before.
Honor yourself
You are a Divine Creation
Honor all of you
Honor your efforts
Find value in all of who you are and what you are trying to do.
Take the time to cherish and nurture yourself and whatever comes up for you
Let this state of being lead you to more love and compassion for yourself
This in turn will open your heart to more compassion for the world as well.
We need to fully be there for ourselves first
We need to care, appreciate, love and heal ourselves throughout all stages of our lives to be able to build the solid foundation we wish for ourselves to walk into the world and create something of importance for others as well.
This is one of those moments
Be fully present for yourself
You deserve it
There will be much creation and forward movement this year and you will be thankful for the time you take now for yourself.
Much love

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