What are you willing to surrender


We are headed towards a full moon and lunar eclipse on the 10th
Energies are building up
You may be feeling emotional, vulnerable,anxious, agitated & all over the place
We have been going through such an important transformational shift
It has not been easy but profound and crucial for our evolution.
Events have pushed us to further review our truth and our life
What we have been inviting, entertaining and nourishing in our life as well as what has been disappointing, disturbing and why.
Looking back to patterns show us what needs to be changed..mainly within ourselves.
It is also an important time to understand
That negative energy can only find its way to your life if there is something within you and your thought processes that nourishes it.
All your fears, doubts and insecurities are a solid ground for anything negative to thrive on.
This is where it is so important to thoroughly observe where you are coming from and what you are holding onto.
What old hurt are you clinging to
That you are willing to surrender in order to welcome your happiness?
Take a good look
This has been holding you down in more ways than one
Its one thing to be observant and cautious but its a whole different story to carry your old hurt with you on your journey and on your quest for joy
Theres an inevitable clash.
Something or someone has been triggering this these days and you may be finding yourself lost in the chaotic emotions and maybe an unclear situation.
The only way to gain clarity is to surrender your old pain
Look at what is being triggered
The intensity of the emotions that come up-
Thats old stuff clogging your vision
Clogging your life flow
If you are willling to surrender it
You will gain clarity
You will be able to release lower vibrational energy holding you down and connect with your higher self
Once you do, things will become more clear.
You will also be unplugging yourself from this insistant clinging to old pain
Once you unplug from this you become your true self and understand that you deserve nothing less than joy.
You will then attract and create nothing less in your life.
If you are willing to surrender this
The Universe will help you eclipse it out of your life,for you to open up to your well deserved joy.                      Much love,                                                  Mia

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