Top priority


The biggest part of your recent burden is over
You may not yet have complete clarity
Before you reach more clarity on the situation the most important thing for you to do at the moment is focus on yourself
Tend to your well being, your goals, your personal dreams.
In fact the most important message this whole challenge has brought to you is to focus on your own well being and goals, no matter what distraction or disruption may seem to be going on around you.
This is your test,your huge lesson.
Get your priorities straight
Nothing is to disrupt your well being, your health, your life.
Your life does not depend on another person or situation.
The universe wishes to make this clear to you and have you create a solid structure for yourself in which you know to take care of yourself no matter what.It wont stop until you get this message.
It IS that important.
This is the structure upon which you are to build yourself and your life now.
This is how you know you can handle anything that comes your way,
Knowing you are important.
This is how you create something positive solid and healthy for yourself and those around you.
This is how you show up as an example for others to follow and be inspired.
You, your vessel, your soul,your emotional being,your physical being, your spiritual being is to be taken care of in order to carry out your actions, your mission, your whole life experience in a healthy productive manner.
Your needs are at the center of this structure and its maintenance and functioning
After which you can entertain and offer to others.
You are a precious creation of the Divine
You are here on a soul mission of higher purpose
You are to take care of your needs to be able to implement your mission.
Those you are here to offer of yourself and serve can only enjoy what you offer if you are functioning at your highest level.
Adhere to your creation, to your mission and the highest maintenance of all that you are.
Make this your number one priority and goal throughout all that comes your way and you will be sure to pass it all in flying colors.
You do not wait for others to honor you
You honor you
And when you get that
All else falls in place
You are able to shine for yourself and others
And life will shine back at you.
Much love
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