Release your fears

DSC_0956 crp wildest leap sind

One day you’ll look back at where you are today and understand exactly why you’re going through what you are
Just like there are certain things today you look back at and understand why you were there and how it all played a part on your path
You just have to go through certain things and phases in order to learn, grow and evolve, even if at times they seem frustrating and do move on and grow
We are heading towards the New moon on friday
Big changes are ahead
You are about to take a big leap forward
And that is why you may be all caught up in your fears at the moment
The bigger the leap
The more your old fears come creeping up to hold you back
Is that really where you want to be?
Of course not
You are so ready for change already
You are so willing to make moves into more growth, into more of who you truly are
You are in limbo at the moment
Back and forth between your impatience to move, your anxiety and your fears
What will it be
What will win
You choose
You are not being asked to be anything else but you
This is about your own craving
To breakthrough and finally become who you truly are
2020 will be the year you will do so
There is no doubt about it
Dont give into fear
Look into all that is holding you back
And see how outdated it all is
How it belongs to the past
It is not who you are
Dont let any of it stand in your way
Bit by bit chisel away at it all
And remove it all from your way
Choose now to make small steps in the direction of your dreams
Release old concepts of yourself
Release false expectations of you
Release opinions of others
Release comparisons to the paths of others
Keep your thoughts in check
As soon as you feel yourself harboring any negative thought
Weed it out immediately
Make sure youre not absorbing any lower energies and influences
Shift your outlook to a positive one
Nurture joyous thoughts
Expect successful outcomes
Take a good look within your soul
Dive deep within
What are you craving
What is it you wish to express
Remember you are here to bring us your unique expression of light
No one on this earth can do this quite like you
That is why you are chosen
Unveil your light and bring it forth
Its time to let go of all that has inhibited you
All that stands in the way of you
Simply being your full authentic self
Take the time
To look at who you are
And at what you need to release
Dont let anyone or anything stop you anymore
Clear your way
And move forward
We await you
Much love
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