Allow the process

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These days old pain may resurface
Something recently may have triggered it to do so
You may even have a bit of your life move through you like a movie
Its ok
Allow this process
As you are preparing for the new
The old moves through you to be released
You may be a bit surprised as all kinds of scenes and experiences replay suddenly in your mind
This is a clearing process
But there are also some very interesting new understandings if you fully allow all of this to flow through you
Be open and look carefully
Connect the dots
Watch how youve grown on one hand
But also watch what was still needing healing and how this current triggering has touched upon something clearly very important and deep within the fiber of your being
Are you willing to give it a good look?
If you are
There is some deep learning and healing available for you
Be willing to offer yourself some stillness
Holding space quietly alone and be willing to dive deep, to listen, to witness.
The Spirit world offers clarity and help with healing in many different ways and many times is very subtle and very creative, leaving you to unfold the mystery with their symbols and signs using your own understanding.
It is actually very deep and very precious and well worth the time and energy to delve and follow the path that leads you to more growth and expansion.
The healing path is not easy but very important and ofcourse liberating and gratifying.
It is done in layers and cycles, though one can commit to it on a daily basis and strengthen the process.
Remember that in many cases the deeper wounds in need of recurrent healing may very well be generational wounds passed down who knows from how far back
Which can sometimes explain the stronger grip it has on us and how long and difficult it may be to release.
It also explains how crucial the healing in such a case is and how proud you should be of your diligent work on freeing not only yourself but generations before you and generations to come.Thats some powerful stuff!
Think of this as you take the time to unveil more of the mystery and make room for the pain that arises in order to heal.
Remember who you truly are is much more than this limiting experience and thats exactly where youre headed.
Be gentle and loving towards yourself.
Take the time needed to heal and rise towards manifesting more of all the beauty you have to share with us all.
Much love
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