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Deep within the folds of your dissapointment, your pain, your ‘stuckness’,
Your lack of confidence and fears,
Lies your Greatness, your Boldness,
A soul unbound to anything or anyone but to its true Light of Creation.
Its there..you’re there..hiding..waiting to BE discovered..unveiled
The more you delve within, the closer you get to it
Until suddenly you’re there
You’re touched as if starstruck by its powerful truth
There’s no going back
Once you embody your truth of existence
All you wish to do
Is be free
Be you
Catch up on all this time you were in hiding
No more thinking of what ifs
Or what will people say or think
All this is thrown off your shoulders
And you are in love
With being you
All you want to do
Is taste, smell and experience
What its like to be truly YOU
Your senses awaken
As if for the very first time
You are Alive
Pulsating through life
And wishing to pursue your soul’s purpose
Of bringing forward your unique ‘lightprint’
To the world.
No longer taking no for answers
Because you are here to accomplish your own creation,answering your creator
Move forward
With this newfound energy
And even if you do happen to stumble again
You have already tasted your Truth
There’s no going back from that
The recoveries from any fears will be smoother and quicker
Because you know where youre headed
Happy New Moon
Happy New YOU
Much love
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