The task

DSC_0798 crp solid sind

You may continue to feel ‘hot’ and ‘cold’
Up and down
As visions of your life continue to stream through for you in daytime and/or in your dreams.You may not understand what is going on.One minute you’re all in advance mode and another youre down and out.
Stay as cool as possible.
Youre not losing it.
Youre still going through this transition phase preparing you for big new changes.
The visions of your life come through to review and release.So does your moodiness.
Keep yourself together with lots of gentleness and compassion.
Understand that the only way to become solid within yourself in order to move forward into more of who you truly are and more of your light,is to recognise all you have within you that is lowering your vibration, thoughts of inadequacy, fears, doubts, self criticsm and all other negative thoughts and feelings you are harboring within as a false sense of protection, but in fact is creating a huge system of self sabotage.
Take this time to acknowledge these and release them to make way for your freedom to express your true vibrant self.
As you release one by one of these thoughts and habits,pour much love into yourself in their place.
This will in return fuel you with the safety and confidence needed to move forward and shine.
Hold all of you in so much love and understanding for where you are coming from and all youve gone through.
Start creating new thoughts,new patterns,new ways,ones that support you, build you up, encourage you and fill you with joy.Enjoy the gradual reveal of the path before you as you replace your negativity with love and positivity.
This is what this time is all about
So hang in there and dedicate yourself to this important task.
Much love
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