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Today is the 2.2.2020
Energetic portal
You may be feeling emotional, vulnerable, anxious and/or excited
The New is definitely moving in
And cannot be dismissed, even if you do not see it yet in a tangible way, you can already sense the energies shifting.
Your emotions are caused by the void and a sense of anticipation, not knowing quite what to expect and when exactly.
They are also caused because you have done your work and released that which no longer serves your highest good.
You know what you dont want anymore, you know what you do want and theres the transition, the void, leaving you emotional.
Lower energies leaving and higher energies building up
This is a precious moment for you as you are about to create more beauty and more magic into your life.
Dont take this time lightly.
Savor it.
Savor yourself,your existence here
All youve gone through
And what you are about to create.
This portal highlights the numbers 2 and favors unions, partnerships aswell as balance and harmony
These can be romantic,family,friendship or work related
Higher level of unions are supported
Though the first most important union is with one’s higher self and the Divine
The quality of this union is as the dedication and importance you put into it
With much diligence and loyalty, it is to be very gratifying, as with all unions.
The more you dedicate to this bond the greater the level of clarity and guidance you will receive.
The work you do spending quiet time connecting regularly will help you improve all you do aswell as your other partnerships.
The number 2’s added up become the number 8
The symbol of infinity
As we are all eternal souls
There is an emphasis on your Alignment with your source creation
Evolving into alignment with source towards eternity ❤
Much love
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