Top priority

DSC_1202 crp wellbeing sind

You may be feeling impatient
Waiting for certain things to come about
It is important to understand divine timing
If you look closely, you have been going through an important process lately and have progressed immensely
That is why this time is not in vain
So much is occuring for you and within you.
You are are growing
It is important that things that need to “arrive” will do so when you are really ready
Dont disregard this preparation time.
The most important thing you will ever learn is how your well being is your top priority
After which everything else falls into place
Learn to love you and learn to love taking good care of yourself
Make this your foundation
Savor your own company
Find quiet
Listen within
Learn more in depth
About what your soul needs.
Fine tune your existence
Focus on what truly matters
Start releasing old baggage, stuff , habits
Declutter your space and your life
Choose that which aligns with your higher vision
Pay attention where you put your energy
Focusing on what you think are your misfortunes lowers your vibration
Learn to love your challenges for they push you to become greater
See where you may be spreading your energy thin and prioritize investing your time and energy into deepening your true interests, projects and values.
Your time is precious
Your energy is precious
Your space is precious
Your well being is precious
And your higher purpose is sacred.
Its time to get serious
And choose
What stays and what goes
Love who you are and what you are here to do.
When you love yourself
You align with the energy of creation
And the universe co creates with you.
Much love

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