You got this

_20200212_073352 (1) energy creation sind

You may be feeling a bit anxious, a bit low
Wondering where this may have come from
Dont panic
This is just a bit of a curve
As you are on the rise
You have been doing so much progress
And as the the light of your vision comes nearer
You have your old fears come up, lack of confidence and not feeling deserving
Disbelief that your golden path can truly occur
But Alas it can and it is
As soon as you deal with clearing what you have within you that is blocking it
So use this little bit of a downhill as a teeny pause to check out your underlying beliefs and thoughts about yourself
If you have been decluttering and releasing the old, then this might just be what was hidden beneath your ‘stuff’
Time to examine where it came from
And No, do not return to sender
Just heal whatever is within you that welcomed it and transmute it into light for us all as you re ignite the light and power of creation within you.
You are enough
You are deserving
You are a gift of Creation
And you are here to celebrate and share your Light
If you feel the need
Take some precious ‘me’ time
Its ok to feel tender
Always remember, your sensitivity is a gift and serves your higher purpose.
Nurture yourself
Care for yourself
Be gentle
Let this arise from within
Look at it
And say goodbye
As it no longer serves your joy
We are headed towards a New Moon on the 23rd
We are gearing towards some serious movement forward
Tend to yourself
Then slowly get back to decluttering and organizing yourself and your life for Joy and excellence
Much love

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