The peak of your existence


Its time for you to understand that your ‘enemies’ are another form of soul mates.
All those who come to poke, trigger or even bring malice to you are enabled by the Universe to help you see how much you are more than anything that attempts to limit you.
Of course, you are to practice healthy boundaries and distance yourself from all those who bring you harm,
But there is to be no hate.
Send them Love,
For you are More than any evil sent your way
Send them Love
For they have come to Strengthen and Empower you,
To the extent of your awareness and willingness to understand.
Send them Love
Because they are not aware and are operating in their limited awareness
They have forgotten their light and that they too are Love.
Your true Healing occurs when you come full circle and feel no hate or anger in your heart towards them
Knowing they are struggling and understanding their part in your own evolution.
Any phase until you reach this is fine and is your journey towards full healing and recognition of your Power, your Light and your Magnificence.
Just know that every challenge and every adversary on your path is here to offer you an opportunity for an Exquisite Enlightening Spiritual experience, to the extent of your willingness to see, to acknowledge and to accomodate.
Your life and your understanding of your true inner power will change forever when you are willing to accept the call.
Next time you are challenged
Look deep within yourself and find the one that Knows.
Rise above whatever is occuring
And see how you are so much More
Feel your light
And from this light
Send it towards your adversaries,
Towards the challenge
And transmute it into LOVE
Watch it all dissolve
And understand you have the power of Creation within you.
Much love
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