You were created to fly ~

DSC_1292 crp fly sind

I Rise above all challenges
For I was created to fly ~

Caring for my well being becomes an art
An act of beauty
Touching upon this truth, this knowing
I feel the bliss of Creation
This sensation may come and go
But I know where my true home is
Awaiting me with open arms
Whenever I please
To tap into the embrace
With whatever I face
And drink from the Nectar
Of pure Grace
All is not what it seems
Beauty is always ours to behold
When we release the grasp
Of what the blind have sold
We are free
We are to eternally see
The beauty within thee
And scatter pearls of
The gift
For all to uplift
We are here to adhere
And make all clear
There is nothing more to fear
For home is so near

The more you devote yourself
To your connection with your higherself and the Divine
The more you are able to see the beauty of your existence
And pay less attention to any challenges in your way
They lose importance in face of the magnificence you are able to touch upon when you meet Grace
You are reminded each time
Of your true power and freedom
Invest yourself in this bond
In your truth
And you will come to know
That you are unbound
Rise above
And fly
Become who you are meant to be
And make each moment that you breathe
Become the bliss that you deserve.
Much love

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