You’re worth it

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You may be feeling a bit low,fragile, emotional
On our road to evolution there will be highs and lows
It is the way that we deal with the ebb and flow that will determine our determination and growth.
It is very important even when things appear to not go in our favor, to not lose our vision, for things are not always what they seem.So much goes on beneath the surface that we do not know of.There are so many energies to be orchestrated to reach our venues and all along the journey is the most important part of it all, for that is where our learning experience occurs.
Most of all we are to learn about ourselves, our beauty, our value and love ourselves through it all, care for ourselves.
To the extent you care for yourself is the extent of joy and success you will produce for yourself and for your loved ones.
It all starts with your own well being.
Compassion and gentleness for yourself if you feel low willl take you a long way.
It is recognizing, respecting and appreciating the Divine in you.
Show yourself tender loving care as you would a loved one.
Slow down
Pamper yourself
Practice stillness
Your angels are near
Perhaps they wish to let you hear something
Be kind to yourself
Youre doing fine
Sometimes you need to slow down
Heal some emotions
Some sensitivities
Allow your celestial team to come in and help
Be kind amidst the shifts
Keep positive
Even if you need to cry
This too is a cleansing and healing
That is sometimes needed
Sometimes we take on too much for too long
Without processing and allowing soft nurturing healing
Be there for yourself
You are worth it ❤
Much love

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