You are capable

DSC_1340 crp light stronger sind

One minute you may be full of vision
And in alignment, feeling positive
And then out of nowhere
You may feel fear,doubts, lack of confidence,
Feeling more comfortable crawling back into limiting habits
Needing any distraction to put you back there
You know this road too well
Yes there is a will
But how determined are you?
Know that your light is much stronger than anything attempting to distract you
Leading you to believe you are not capable
Its time to let go of your ego, your shadow and any energy attempting to limit and block your light
Its just not as powerful as your God given light which is meant to shine through
Allow it to
Stop paying attention to all those distractions
Start seeing how you fall into the ‘traps’
Look deep within
You are so much more than what you allow yourself to bring through
You are stronger, wiser and more capable than you allow yourself to believe
If you do go through a relapse after a rise
Just allow your fears to move through you
With understanding,love and compassion.
If you need to rest,to heal and recover
Do so
And then pick up
Dont lose your vision
It is in you for a higher purpose
You are here for a higher purpose
Ride the waves but stay on track
Believe in yourself
Push yourself a tiny bit further each time
You’ll be amazed to see what you will discover
Much love

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