Focus on your personal path


These days you may be feeling very tender
Very emotional
Tears may come running with an overflow of emotions from seemingly nowhere
Its ok
We are clearing much density within
On a personal and collective level
Many very deep emotional wounds are surfacing as well
These may come up in your dreams
As they were very well held in, to the point you were unaware of their existence.
They needed to resurface when the time was right, when you can handle another level of healing and release.
Allow this to occur
Allow the process
We are growing rapidly
We are evolving and as we open up to hold more light it is inevitable that we need to let go of more darkness held deep within our unconsciousness, for this unknowingly is limiting our expansion, our light and our joy.
We are blocking our own selves without realizing it, due to very old hurts,not allowing us to go with the flow and trust the beautuful gifts unfolding for us at this time.
We need to open up to receive
And to do that we need to release all that is hindering us, causing us fear and blocking our receptivity.
Global issues are also triggering our fears and anxieties .
The collective energy itself is also influencing us
Be aware
Differentiate between the collective energy
And your own
Try to move away from the panic that the media and collective are generating
And tend more importantly to what is coming through for you on a personal level.
Practice stillness
Deep breathing
Rest more as there is a lot of draining energy
Remember we are all here on an individual journey within the collective with our own lessons and experiences. Pay attention to your own path of evolution.
Tune into nature for balance
Meditate if you can
Mild stretches and exercise or even freeflowing dance is very important to release dense stagnant energy and fears and get back into a healthy flow of energy.
If you feel like crying dont hold back
Let it flow
Let all inner density be released
Watch as you allow the old to leave your energy
Dont hold on
Allow yourself to move to greater heights
You did not know you were capable of
Holding more and more light
The more you let go.
Breathe deeply
And release
Breathe in the PEACE that is your true existence
And let anything that does not align
Just fade away..
You are Here
You are Well
You have a Higher Purpose
To embody more and more Light
Dont carry anything that can limit you
You are here to fly ~
Much love
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