Focus on the Light

DSC_1340 crp light stronger sind

Beyond what is occuring at the moment
We are undergoing huge transformation
Current events are pushing us to purge many fears that linger within us
Try not to be swept into the panic energy of the collective
Rather look within to see what is being triggered
What emotions, what old fears are coming up for you?what are they connected to?
Allow yourself to purge these emotions.
Process your fear and anxiety
Have a cry if you feel you need
Theres nothing to be ashamed of
But stay aware
Acknowledge and move through these emotions and old density
But do not nourish fear
Understand that this is being fueled at the moment and yet it is not who you are.
Fear weakens you and pushes you away from your connection to source, taking your power away aswell as your sense of truth.
Do not give into this
Nourish your light
And be a light for others
Stand in your power
Physically, emotionally,mentally and spiritually
Remember who you are
Nurture your true essence
If there are physical limitations at the moment that does not limit your soul nor does it limit your growth.
Use this time to benefit you
Take some quiet time to purify yourself from energies that do not serve you
Reassess where you are and where you are heading.
There is always a higher purpose to anything you go through in life
And crises offer opportunities for a lot of growth
Reconnect with your soul and see what it has to tell you.
This is a great time to look into what you need to improve
To catch up on things you needed or wished to do for yourself or your projects
Rest and soul search
This phase will be over and you will be glad you made something of it rather than indulge in fear.
Stay on course and stay positive
There are still big changes around the corner so continue to work on your higher purpose.
This also can be a great time to work on improving professional ideas.
Remember that physical exercise is important to release tension build up in the body and get your energy flowing.
Whatever you do
Focus on the positive and keep building
A shift in focus is all it takes to change your whole experience.Its your choice and its in your hands.
Raise your vibration and continue to hold the light for yourself and others.
Much love

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