Cracking open to reveal our Truth


We are all going through an emotionally charged journey.Absolutely no one is left out of this.Our hearts are cracked open, leaving us humbled, fragile and vulnerable.
There is a higher purpose to this,one you have yet to see.We are no longer allowed to go through life detached from our hearts, our souls,our Truth.None of us.
That is not the truth of our being, our existence.That is not why we were created.That is not what we are here to do.
We are here to embody the Light of the creator and express it through our hearts in a beauty that is unique to each and every one of us.
We are being cracked open to acknowledge, to find our truth again, to learn about it
And what better way to do so than in isolation, detached from the influence and distraction of others.
Having said that, it is always our choice and we can always hang on for dear life to the energy of the collective through social media etc if we so choose to, missing out on a precious, crucial opportunity to finally break free and become our Truth.
It is always up to us.
That is the Law of our Creation – free will
But conditions now are optimal
For you to find YOU.
Amidst the chaos there are situations bringing up again old unhealed wounds.
The fear, anxiety, frustration and anger are signs of these and all is being triggered at this time.
You have a sacred opportunity to take a deep look into all of it and see what it represents for you.
You have important choices to make.
Do not allow yourself to be pulled back into the darkness.
There is a current tug a war
Between the light and the dark.
A choice is being made absolutely every second
You may even feel how one moment you are able to be positive and the next somehow you are pulled into the negative once again.
The volatility is real
It is intense
But it still holds an option of pure freedom of choice
Throughout all of it
Detach yourself from everything and anything pulling you back into the darkness
Your energy is fragile at this time
And it makes it all the more crucial to choose the Light each and every second.
Detach from obsessive discussion of negativity occuring at this time aimed to nourish fear and panic
Also pay attention to your personal situations,connections,etc.
You get to observe the energy they bring to you and what they nourish in your life
Do they nourish the Light?
Do they represent your Truth?
Your Truth is the essence of your Being
Betraying it leads to a breakdown of your well being in many different ways.
Living aligned with it
Allows you to shine your light and live the life you are meant to.
You may feel at times there is a sacrifice to pay in doing so as you may need to dismay people you thought were close to you but in what way were they really close?
You may need to be alone for a while as you pursue your truth until you attract those who align and celebrate your light, those who wish to co create with your joy.
Dont fear isolation
Packing yourself with company that does not align and nourish your light only so you will not feel ‘alone’ results in a harsh betrayal of your soul and suffocation of your life force,your vitality.
This time is sacred
Look within
Look at your life
Look at your energy
Your truth
Then look at your surroundings
Does it align?
How does any of it make you feel?
Are you doing what you love?
How much are you engaged in your truth in your higher purpose?
How much clutter have you created in your life to camouflage this to the point you cant find your truth anymore?
This is the time
To break all of this down
And shed one by one whatever is not YOU
No more hindrances
No more doubts,shame or fear.
You can no longer allow yourself the high price of not living your Truth.
This is the time to come clean
When all this is over you will be able to start a clean start
A new chapter in your life
You get to choose
What is coming with you
What you want to create and with who
Whatever you are clinging onto that is not healthy needs to go
If you really want to free yourself from your limitations and ‘ ill-being’
You are important
You matter
You were created to bring us of your value
You cant do that if you have lost it along the way
Go back and find it again
Collect yourself and start again
Fresh clean
And True to you
Much love
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