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The energy has been heavy these last few days
We are being ‘knocked out’ so to speak and pushed to look deep within.
We are being called to see how are we still caught up in inner trappings that block the freedom of our true soul’s expression.
We still hold on to many masks and guards that ‘hold us together’ to function in a world that seems not to honor our truth.
Its time to shed all of these
And see how they have been blocking our flow and forcing us to live in a self made prison.
This process is painful
As it is a death of some sort
It is a death of old too comfortable yet self destructive ways
We need to set ourselves free from this encagement
And fly free to the rythm of our true hearts calling
Its time to let go of who you thought you are
And what you thought made you feel ‘safe’
For in this false safety you were suffocating your soul’s song.
There is pain and grief accompanying this process as you shed the old and outdated self,the one that clinged for dear life to all kinds of false safety boats leading you time and time again only to drown,not knowing how to exit this loop
The Universe is granting you the opportunity to step into your authenticity
And to do so,something has to go.
There is a need for a lot of self love at this time.Be gentle and compassionate and take all the time you need to heal and nurture your old wounds that come up now ,the ones that have brought you to build these armors to begin with.
This is a sacred oppprtunity disguised as a crash of sorts.Dont fight it.Surrender to your highest good that will be the result of this process.The less you resist the easier and quicker it will pass.
It is an important process nonetheless one you need to pay attention to and allow all the inner information to unfold to discover more about your truth, your drives and your hiding places.
Regard this as a gift and it will serve you well.
Take it nice and easy, rest and sleep more.The more you let go the more clarity you will receive.
Ask for the Divine’s guidance and in your quiet you will be answered.
Trust in the universe
Trust in creation
Trust yourself
The true beautiful you will emerge out of this and reconnect with your true souls power
Much love
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