Flowing towards your higher destiny

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There comes a time
Where you close a circle
With your hardships
With whatever may come to challenge you
There comes a time when you reach peace
Regardless of what goes on around you
This peace is a knowing
Of who you are
Of Creation
Of your higher Connection
An understanding and compassion
For yourself
And for others
Who have lost their connection
With self
Their truth
Their light
This acceptance and forgiveness
Allows All to BE
And above All
Allows you to be Free
Flowing towards your Higher Destiny
Your Calling
Your Light
Leaving all that is not Aligned
Out of your sight
Your Energy is Sacred
And you have learned to treat it as such
Your love for yourself as an essential part of Creation
Will no longer be broken
Your love for Creation
And the understanding of
All Connectedness
Will no longer be forgotten
This Peace
Allows you to Heal
Allows All misaligned energy
To be transmuted into light
If that is your intention
Focus your attention
On this peace
Breathe light into any disturbance
Ask your higher guidance
For assistance
Know who you are
Stay on course
Ride your high way
Nourish your light
And show us the way
Much love
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