Promise on the horizon


Energies are softer,lighter
The recent intense chaotic energy
Is giving way to a new dawn
The light, as always, has won
We are here
We are so near
Our dreams
Our visions
Our struggles
Our efforts
Towards the light
Are not in vain
Perhaps some dreams will shift and take on new form
But they will represent a modified version of your higher purpose.
People from your soul group with similar visions will come together to co create
A better world
Visions that nurture more beauty,more light, more Purity and truth will be supported and encouraged by the universe and surprising examples of this support will be showing up, all in Divine timing.
Be prepared
Watch for signs
Be ready to open up and awaken from your slumber and frustration.
Its all coming together
And you dont want to miss out.
Pick up
Get yourself together and in prime condition to rebuild your vision in a new beautiful way.
Stay open to new ways, new ideas, new outlook.. a new you to be born
You may be feeling fear
You may be feeling vulnerable
And even somewhat exhausted
But this is not a time
To look back
Nor to be stagnant
There is much promise
Yet a lot depends on you
And vour choices
Prepare to be bewildered
And gently pushed
To your Divine purpose
Let go of the past
Let go of that which does not align
Let go of what insults your soul
Your light
Your beauty
Stand out to the sun
Stand tall
Own who you truly are
And be prepared to sing your song
We will sing along with you ~
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