Healing to proceed

DSC_0917crp sacred sind

This Full Moon energy
Has been tugging at our heart
Any hurt lingering there
That which you tried to deny and hide
Must come out
To be healed
Breathe into it
Look at it
What story is it telling you
What new story do you wish to tell it
There within lies the healing
Breathe deeply into it
Bring light and beauty
and compassion into it
And exhale releasing the pain
Transmuting this all into light
Reminding yourself
That you are a child of this creation
You are beauty
You are light
You are love
You are unique
And you were created to shine your specific ray of light onto the world
Those who have forgotten their own light
Are triggered by your shine
As if you have taken something away from them
When really, they are upset with themselves
With having lost their way
Disregard their sting
Shine anyway
So that they too
And every one around you
Can find their own light too.
Much love

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